CGL Meeting Minutes

Date: July 14, 2011
Location: DC 1331
Time: 11:30
Chair: Philippe Lamoureux
Philippe Lamoureux

1. Attendance

Zainab AlMeraj Edgar Bering Xinling Chen Bill Cowan Elodie Fourquet Eugene Greene Tiffany Inglis Philippe Lamoureux Stephen Mann Lesley Northam Simon Parent Alex Pytel Matthew Thorne

2. Coffee Hour

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3. Forthcoming

Date: July 21, 2011 July 28, 2011 August 4, 2011 August 11, 2011
Location: DC 1331 11:30 DC 1331 11:30 DC 1331 11:30 DC 1331 11:30
Chair: Ed Lank
Ed Lank
Stephen Mann
Stephen Mann
Matthew McPerrin
Matthew McPerrin
Matei Negulescu
Matei Negulescu
Technical Presentation: Craig Kaplan
Craig Kaplan
Ben Lafreniere
Ben Lafreniere
Philippe Lamoureux
Philippe Lamoureux
Ed Lank
Ed Lank

4. Technical Presentation

Tiffany Inglis

Tiffany Inglis
Title : Generating Op Art Lines
A common technique in Op Art is the use of parallel lines to depict simple shapes such as circles and squares. Some artists have attempted to create more complex images using this technique but faced the problem of producing undesirable artifacts such as line breaks and T-junctions within their artworks. To this end, we developed a novel algorithm that takes an arbitrary image and automatically generates the corresponding Op Art composition of this style. For 2-colour images, the algorithm produces artworks without any unwanted artifacts; for images with more colours, the basic algorithm cannot guarantee the removal of all artifacts, but we use a global optimization technique to minimize the number of artifacts. The results have applications in graphics design, data visualization, puzzle creation and line drawings.

5. Discussion Items

6. Action Items

7. Conferences and Special Journal Issues

Recent Additions

Upcoming Deadlines

8. Directors' Meeting

9. Seminars and Events

2011 Jul 15, 11:30
Artificial Intelligence Lab PhD Seminar
Ruth Urner, PhD Candidate, Cheriton School of Computer Science, Univ of Waterloo
Access to Unlabeled Data can Speed up Prediction Time
2011 Jul 26, 14:00
Cryptography, Security, and Privacy (CrySP) Group Talk
Jean-Pierre Hubaux, EPFL
Two Short Talks about the Security of Web Applications
2011 Aug 02, 09:00
Artificial Intelligence Lab PhD Thesis Defence
Gregory Hines, PhD candidate, David R. Cheriton School of Comp. Sci., Univ. Waterloo
A Study in Preference Elicitation Under Uncertainty
Thursday, 14 July 2011, 3:30PM
Pure Mathematics (Computability Learning), MC 5046
Barbara Csima
Degrees of Categoricity and the Hyperarithmetic Hierarchy - The Conclusion
Friday, 15 July 2011, 3:30PM
Pure Mathematics (Analysis Seminar), MC 5136
Aaron Tikuisis
The Cuntz semigroup and its role in classification
Friday, 15 July 2011, 3:30PM
Combinatorics and Optimization (Tutte Seminar), MC 5158 Maurice Cheung
A Primal-Dual Approximation Algorithm for Min-Sum Single Machine Scheduling Problems

Also see other Math and CS postings.

10. Lab Cleanup

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