CGL Meeting Minutes

Date: November 15, 2012
Location: DC 1331
Time: 11:30
Chair: Zainab AlMeraj
Zainab AlMeraj

1. Attendance

Dan Vogel, Steve Mann, Alex, Mat Thorne, Marta, Tiffany, Lesley, Grace, Elodie, Zainab, Simon, Craig, Tylor

2. Coffee Hour

Coffee hour last week:
Grace and Tiffany- thanks!
Coffee hour this week:
Coffee hour next week:

3. Forthcoming

Date: November 22, 2012 November 29, 2012 December 6, 2012 December 13, 2012
Location: DC 1331 11:30 DC 1331 11:30 DC 1331 11:30 DC 1331 11:30
Chair: Bill Cowan
Bill Cowan
Elodie Fourquet
Elodie Fourquet
Tiffany Inglis
Tiffany Inglis
Craig Kaplan
Craig Kaplan
Technical Presentation: Grace Yao
Grace Yao
Zainab AlMeraj
Zainab AlMeraj
Bill Cowan
Bill Cowan
Elodie Fourquet
Elodie Fourquet

4. Technical Presentation

Dan Vogel

Dan Vogel
Title : Scrubby: Software to Analyze Multi-stream Logs of Experiments
One July, in a fit of PhD procrastination, I wrote an interactive software application (which I call "Scrubby") to synchronize, playback, and annotate multiple streams of logged data from an observational study I had just run. It was a study of Tablet PC usage with real software applications, and it produced 4 streams of logged data: a screen capture video, video taken from a head mounted camera, 3D Vicon tracking data, and a log of pen events and movements. It proved very useful for efficient formal coding of observations, and I extended it to enable multiple coders. Since then, I continued to refine it and used it for several other studies, including formal controlled experiments where I have found it invaluable. The latest version enables me to observe experimental trials in a non-linear fashion making it easier to investigate causes of statistical trends in the aggregate data. In this talk I will demo the latest version with log examples from a whole body interaction study I have been running.

5. Discussion Items

6. Action Items

7. Lab Events

8. Conferences and Special Journal Issues

Recent Additions

Upcoming Deadlines

9. Directors' Meeting

10. Seminars and Events

Reconfiguration of List(2,1)-Labellings on a graph
2012 Nov 14 at 13:30. DC 1304. Algorithms and Complexity Group Seminar
Kazuto Kawamura, Tohoku University
Efficient Implementation for Access Control Systems
December 6, 2012
2012 Nov 14 at 14:30. DC 1331. Database Research Group PhD Seminar
Zhiping Wu, PhD candidate, UWaterloo
The Power of Locality for Network Algorithms
2012 Nov 15 at 15:30. DC 1302. Distinguished Lecture Series Seminar
Jennifer Chayes, Microsoft
Distributed Graph Mining Systems: A survey
2012 Nov 21 at 14:30. DC 1302. Database Research Group PhD Seminar
Khaled Ammar, PhD Candidate, UWaterloo

Also see other Math and CS postings.

10. Lab Cleanup

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