Text Editor with Adaptive Colour Selection

Cherry Zhang
David R. Cheriton School of Computer Science

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User Interface

Implementation Details

Possible Future Improvement

What I Have Learned


Initial state of the application. The colours for keywords are not set.

Figure 5

Colour chooser. Colours can be selected using a palette.

Figure 6

Dim inactive window. The inactive windows are dimmed. The active window is brightened.

Figure 7

Auto colour selection. After the colour of one syntactic component is selected, the colours of the other components are auto-selected. The text in the window is updated accordingly.

Figure 8



I would like to acknowledge my supervisor Professor Bill Cowan for all his generous help throughout the term. Professor Cowan offered me many insights and advice in selecting project topics, as well as designing of the project. I would also like to thank Elodie Fourquet, for helping me set up Java environment, and providing valuable opinions on the design and implementation of this project. Special thanks to Blair MacIntyre, for this project was heavily based on his Master's thesis.


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