Cherry Zhang

Computer Graphics

CS 888: Computational Photography (Winter 2010)

  - Term Project: Comparison of Color Appearance Models

CS 779: Splines and Surfaces (Winter 2009)

  - Simple Bézier Curve Toolkit Demo

  - Cubic B-Spline Editor Demo

  - Term Project: Free-Form Deformation

    The source code can be found [here]. It can be run on Ubuntu with proper setups for OpenGL and FLTK.

CS 781: Colour in Computer Graphics (Winter 2009)

  - Term Project: TextEditor with Adaptive Color Selection

CS 888: Computer Graphics for Architecture (Fall 2008)

  - Shape Grammar for Room Layout

CS 488: Introduction to Computer Graphics (Winter 2008)

  - Assignment 1: 3D Tetris Game

  - Assignment 2: OpenGL Modeling and Transformations

  - Assignment 3: Puppet in OpenGL

    This application was designed and implemented by my friend Henry Lau.

  - Basic Raytracer

  - Extended Raytracer

  - Extended Raytracer 2 by Jeremy Bong

    Jeremy is one of my best friends. This is his final project for CS488.