Cherry Zhang

Skills Summary


  - Analyzing and improving HDTV video algorithms and image quality

  - Testing embedded Linux on various chipsets

  - Debugging and modifying firmware and application for video algorithm

Computer Graphics:

  - Creating graphics projects using OpenGL for 3D model manipulation

  - Implementing raytracer using Lua and C++

  - Implementing algorithms and applications based on spline theories for curve and surface construction, manipulation

Real-time Programming:

  - Designing, implementing and testing a real-time kernel on Cirrus EP9302 chipset with ARM 920T CPU from scratch

    using C and assembly language

  - Designing, implementing and testing an application on top of the kernel to control two Marklin train models on a track


  - Implementing GUI-enriched Java application and games

  - Designing, implementing and testing distributed remote procedure call (RPC) client-server application

  - Creating functions for solving differential equations, JPEG compression and color analysis using MATLAB