cs492 - Spring 2014

Societal Implications with Computer Science

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Described in excruciating detail here.< /p>


Bill Cowan, [wW][mM][cC][oO][wW][aA][nN]@cgl.uwaterloo.ca, DC2111, x34527.

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The weekly rhythm of this course is simple.

You surely notice that there are two incomplete weeks: 19-23 May and 30 June-4 July. Both are missing Monday. The obvious solution holds a Monday class on Wednesday, 21 May, and completes the week on Wednesday, 2 July and Friday, 4 July. That's exactly as the registrar suggests. We would then have no class on Friday, 23 May.

My principle is that there's often something the registrar fails to notice, so I thought again. I noticed what may be a flaw in the registrar's suggestion: it is more useful to have a free day when assignments of other courses are due. To get this benefit we could hold a Wednesday class on Wednesday, 21 May and a Monday class on Friday, 23 May. The corresponding Friday would be Friday, 4 July, having no class on Wednesday, 2 July. I think that this is the better suggestion, but I'll let you decide.

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