cs492 - Spring 2015

Societal Implications with Computer Science

Role Playing Exercises (rpes)

Please note: We are beyond our target for three student groups. Please restrict future requests to two student groups. Thank you.

Weekly Schedule
Date Role A Students Role B Students
14 May The Artist Celina Florentin
Daniyal Khan
The Businessman Tim Pei
Tuoyu Zhang
28 May The Rich Man Ryan Attridge
Kevin Kong
Jared Ng
The Hacker Ali Momin
Visaahan Anandaragh
Ashwin Rahalkar
4 June The Panopticist John He
Sarah Boyd
The Individualist Aasawari Navathe
Bishoi Khella
Menna El-Sadaany
11 June The Canadian Asim Raoof
Ashish Yelekar
Shahzaib Bhatti
The American Nicholas Lauer
Khallil Mangalji
Josh Fritz
18 June The Social Self Kevin McGaire
Peter Fisher
The Sociable Self Wei-En Wong
Chuan Shen
25 June The Producer Grant Sutcliffe
Kirk Wang
The Consumer Mohammad Ushhud Khalid
Hongyi Yang
Alexia D'sousa
2 July The Author Jack Gao
Daniel Que
The Reader Nicole Leung
Justin Yang
9 July The Inventor Benjamin Konyi
Jeremy Seto
The Marketer David Kim
John Mok
16 July The Capitalist Robert Lin
Gary Huong
The Socialist Vasily Zhbannikov
Jada Wang
23 July The Utopian Marta Kryven
Bill Cowan
The Scientist David Wei Xin
Christopher Katigbak
27 July Fond Farewells:
How smart we are

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