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Craig S. Kaplan

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The David R. Cheriton  
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Waterloo, Ontario, Canada  

Office: DC2110
Voice: (519) 888 4567 x34589


I'm a member of the Computer Graphics Lab, where I study the use of computer graphics in art, ornament, and design. My interests extend from there into nonphotorealistic rendering. I also dabble in human-computer interaction, computational geometry and programming languages.


Spring 2015:   CS791 -- Non-photorealistic rendering
Winter 2015:   CS116x -- Introduction to Computer Programming 2 (GBDA)

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Other Activities

I'm the editor of the Journal of Mathematics and the Arts, published by Taylor & Francis. I welcome your submissions on scholarly research at the intersection of art and mathematics.

I'm one of the organizers of the Bridges Conference, an annual event about art and mathematics.


Pot Pourri (stinky pot)


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