CS798: Art presentation


The goal of the art presentation is expose yourself and the class to a particular style of art. The use of the word "style" is intended to be very open-ended. It could mean any of the following, for starters:

What's important is that there really is a style to speak of -- that the objects collected under that style have some internal logic that binds them together and that distinguishes them from other objects. "Modern art" would be a bad topic because the category is too broad to be coherent; conversely "The Mona Lisa" would be a bad topic because no general statements could be made based on a single data point.

Your talk should be five to ten minutes in duration. In that time, try to do a few of the following:

Schedule of presentations

Once you've decided what you'd like to do, email me a proposed date and subject and I'll add you to the schedule below. I'll allow up to two presentations in any class period.

Week 2 Wednesday, 14 January Friday, 16 January
Ian Harrower -- birch bark biting
Week 3 Wednesday, 21 January Friday, 23 January
Week 4 Wednesday, 28 January
Lee Payne -- Sumi-e
Friday, 30 January
Week 5 Wednesday, 4 February
Anis Ahmad -- Pointillism
Friday, 6 February
Jie Xu -- The masks of Peking opera
Week 6 Wednesday, 11 February
Ju-Lian Kwan -- Cloisonnism
Friday, 13 February
Week 7 Wednesday, 18 February Friday, 20 February
Class canceled
Week 8 Wednesday, 25 February
Dave Marotto -- Native sand painting
Friday, 27 February
Ian Rutherford -- Arabic calligraphy
Week 9 Wednesday, 3 March Friday, 5 March
Mike Wasilewski -- Comic art
Week 10 Wednesday, 10 March
Rich Gowman -- Dr. Seuss

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