CS888 Winter 2005

Schedule of presentations

Week Presenters Readings
Week 1: January 5th Instructors Organizational Meeting
Week 2: January 11th Canceled Canceled
Week 3: January 18th Bill Cowan The origin of the alphabet
Week 4: January 25th Elodie Fourquet Luca Cardelli. Building use interfaces by direct manipulation. UIST 1988.
Week 5: February 1st Edwin Vane Dorothea Blostein and Lippold Haken. Justification of printed music. CACM 34(3):88-99.
Week 6: February 8th Erin Lester Patrick Baudisch and Carl Gutwin. Multiblending: displaying overlapping windows simultaneously without the drawbacks of alpha blending. CHI 2004.
Week 7: February 15th Jie Xu C. Jacobs, W. Li, E. Schrier, D. Bargeron, and D. Salesin. Adaptive Grid-Based Document Layout. SIGGRAPH 2003.
Bryan Chan D.A. Keim, S.C. North and C. Panse. CartoDraw: a fast algorithm for generating contiguous cartograms. IEEE TVCG Jan-Feb 2004.
Week 8: February 22nd Celine Latulipe Michel Beaudouin-Lafon. Novel Interaction Techniques for Overlapping Windows. UIST 2001. (See also Bly and Rosenberg, A comparison of tiled and overlapping windows, CHI'86.)
Stefanus Du Toit Roger Hersch and Sylvain Chosson. Band moiré images. SIGGRAPH 2004.
Week 9: March 1st Gilad Israeli D. Kurlander, David H. Salesin, T. Skelly. Comic Chat. SIGGRAPH'96
Mike Cote J.P. Lewis, Ruth Rosenholtz, Nickson Fong, and Ulrich Neumann. VisualIDs: Scenery for Data Worlds. SIGGRAPH 2004.
Week 10: March 8th Mark Belcarz Adrian Secord. Weighted Voronoi Stippling. NPAR 2002.
Zheng Qin Sylvain Lefebvre and Fabrice Neyret. Pattern Based Procedural Textures. I3D 2003.
Week 11: March 15th Maria Wong Wallace Chigona and Thomas Strothotte. Contextualized text explanations for visualizations. SG 2002. (See also this follow-up paper.)
Robin Liu Michael T. Wong, Douglas E. Zongker and David H. Salesin. Computer-Generated Floral Ornament. SIGGRAPH'98.
Week 12: March 22nd Kristina Hildebrand Holger Eichelberger. Aesthetics of Class Diagrams. IEEE International Workshop on Visualizing Software for Understanding and Analysis, 2002.
Gabriel Moreno-Fortuny T. Porter and T. Duff. Compositing Digital Images. SIGGRAPH 1984.
Week 13: March 29th Gabriel Esteves Peter Henderson. Functional Geometry. Higher-Order and Symbolic Computation, December 2002.
Lijie Zou Johnson, B. and Shneiderman, B. Treemaps: a space-filling approach to the visualization of hierarchical information structures. IEEE Visualization 1991.