CS888 Winter 2010

Short presentation information

We would like everyone in the class to give a short presentation some time during the term, in addition to their full paper presentation. This is intended to be light, fun, and a way to expose the class to a broader view of photography.

Here are the two flavours of presentation that we have in mind:

You are not restricted to digital photographs or photography. Feel free to discuss aspects of traditional (chemical?) photography. Of course, it's then interesting to ask what aspects of traditional photography are worth emulating in the digital world, and why doing so might be a challenge.

Your presentation should not take longer than about five minutes. The presentation is worth 5% of your final mark in the course (or counts towards your audit credit). We will allocate roughly 2% to the merit of your photographs or technique (how interesting is your choice of subject?) and 3% to the quality of your presentation.