Taprats: Computer-Generated Islamic Star Patterns Geometry View Test

Use this geometry view test applet to become familiar with the geometry view navigation controls. The rule of thumb is that all navigation is done by shift-clicking and dragging, and that you're effectively grabbing a point in the world and moving it using the mouse. Think of sticking a thumbtack into the geometry and dragging around in some specific way. Here's a cheat sheet:

Shift-Click with the left mouse button and drag:
This lets you pan the viewport, i.e. translate it around inside the viewing window. It's like sliding a piece of paper around on your desk with your finger.

Shift-Click with the middle mouse button and drag:
This lets you rotate the viewport about the center of the window. Imagine sticking a thumbtack into the center of the viewing window and spinning the paper around it.

Shift-Click with the right mouse button and drag:
This lets you scale the viewport relative to the center of the screen. This doesn't have a very useful real-world analog, since you can't change the size of a piece of paper (except by cutting it!). But the point you clicked on follows the mouse. If you drag closer to the center of the screen, the view shrinks -- everything moves towards the center. If you drag away from the center, everything scales up.

I find this method of navigation to be very quick and intuitive. I hope you do too!

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