Grad courses are essential for learning how to pursue independent research. By writing reports, giving talks and re-implementing projects based on other people's research, we observe close up the mechanisms and issues encountered in developing new ideas, the main goal being to teach us to think independently and critically. At first, analyzing or enhancing other people's work is challenging, but, little by little, we gain the experience and confidence needed to develop on our own thoughts.
Below are samples of the work I have done during the courses I took in my graduate studies.


I wrote webpages summarizing some re-implementation projects which were graphics related.
I wrote some course project reports. The first is a comparison between two algorithms; the second summarizes a pilot experiment I carried on. The last two involve a model I proposed and implemented in a simulation. This latter ones lead to a publication in the field of artificial intelligence.


Many talks I gave are graphics related. I selected those particular ones as samples because often I made most of pictures they contained. They do lack of text, because I prefer slides made solely of pictures on which I elaborate orally.