RTFX: A Real Time Previs and Virtual Production Tool for Film and Games

Lesley Northam, Joe Istead and Craig S. Kaplan

Previsualization uses 3D modeling and animation software to create a preliminary visualization of lm or game shots prior to capture. It saves productions time and money by reducing human error. However, most previsualization tools are ad-hoc and not re-usable as they are constructed for a particular production. In this paper we discuss the design of our real time, on-set previsualization tool called RTFX. RTFX is a generic tool which connects 3D animation applications, motion capture devices, and other graphics tools to a game engine for real time visualization.


A pre-print of our GRAND paper can be downloaded here.
A pre-print of our 2011 ICEC poster-paper can be downloaded here.


For more information regarding RTFX, including the current status, or application compatibility, please contact me directly.