Journal Papers

A Novel First Principles Approach for the Estimation of the Sieve Factor of Blood Samples
Optics Express, Volume 18, Issue 7, 2010.
also appears in The Virtual Journal for Biomedical Optics, Volume 5, Issue 7, 2010.
L. Northam, G.V.G. Baranoski.
Link: Optics Express

Conference Papers and Short/Poster Papers

Consistent Stylization and Painterly Rendering of Stereoscopic 3D Images
L. Northam, P. Asente, and C. Kaplan.
To appear at NPAR 2012.
Link: TBA

Designing a Real Time Visualization Tool for Previsualization and Virtual Production of Film and Games
L. Northam and C. Kaplan.
To appear at GRAND 2012.
Link: TBA

RTFX: On-set Previs with UnrealEngine3
L. Northam, J. Istead, and C. Kaplan.
ICEC 2011
Link: SpringerLink

Brush stroke ordering techniques for painterly rendering
L. Northam, J. Istead, and C. Kaplan.
Computational Aesthetics 2010
Link: European Association for Computer Graphics


HORT: Hadoop Online Ray Tracing with MapReduce
L. Northam and R. Smits.

RTFX: Real time special effects visualization
L. Northam C. S. Kaplan.
GRAND 2011

Artistic sketching with a painterly rendering algorithm
L. Northam, J. Istead, and C. Kaplan.

Conference Presentations and Demonstrations

Integration of game and film technologies
SIRT Previsualization and Virtual Production Conference 2011
A. Katzman, L. Northam, and W. M. Irwin.

RTFX: Real-time Special Effects Visualization, A real-time previs and virtual production tool
Canada 3.0 and SIGGRAPH 2011 Exhibition Demonstrations
L. Northam

Masters Thesis

A Ray Optics Framework for the Computation of The Sieve Effect Factor for Blood

Technical Reports

A Study on the Appearance of Quartz
L. Northam, G.V.G. Baranoski.

Painterly Rendering
L. Northam