CS 888, Spring 2012 - Implicit Surfaces

Last Updated: May 6, 2012

Paper presentation

Everyone is expected to read all the papers to be presented. The student presenting a paper will likely need to review some additional papers. The presentation should NOT just be a restating of the paper - everyone should have read it and not need the restatement. Instead, the presentation should be a critique of the paper, addressing such issues as what is the main contribution of the paper?; how does this paper fit in with previous (and possibly) later work; is this an important paper or a minor paper?; what are future directions for research?

The presentation is hopefully participatory, with students and faculty asking questions where appropriate, and with an extended discussion of the paper at the end of the presentation.

A grade of 30, 35, or 40 will be assigned to each presentation, with the following grading scheme being a rough guide to the marking:

  • 30: Minimal or no critique; just a recitation of the paper.
  • 35: Some attempt at a critique, but little beyond what's in the paper.
  • 40: A critique with strong insights.
Additional adjustments from these marks are occasionally made for especially good (or poor) presentations.

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