CS 888 Spring 2012 - Surface of the Week

Last Updated: July 27, 2012
Each week, someone in the class will find an interesting implicit surface to show to the class. In addition to showing some pictures, the presenter should say something else of interest about the surface.
May 7Stephen Mann
Murex cabritii sea shell
May 14Stephen Mann
Natural Quadric Surfaces
May 22Alex
Bat Curve
May 28Navid
June 4Grace
Tree shading
June 11Hamideh
Shells, Crabs, Sea Horse
June 18Chun
Heavy Loader
June 25Zainab
Particles on Implicit Surfaces
July 4no class
July 9 Khodakhast
Banchoff-Chmutov Surfaces
July 16 Stephen Mann
3D Marching Cubes Line Drawings
July 23 Stephen Mann

Stephen Mann
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