CS 888, Spring 2012 - Technical Report

Last Updated: June 8, 2012
We will try to create a technical report from the course. Students should send me a short write up of the papers they read, with a brief (one paragraph) summary of the paper and a short (the remainder of a page) critique of the paper. The write up should be in LaTeX. You may include figures, but only if you created them yourself.

Projects should have a slightly longer write up to include in the technical report, stating what you did and what you concluded from it.

As a LaTeX template, we will use the one that Craig Kaplan created last time he taught CS888.

Author list

The author list will be broken into three parts: students doing both a paper and a project; students just presenting a paper; and faculty. Names will be alphabetized within each list.

Stephen Mann
University of Waterloo | School of Computer Science | 200 University Ave. W. | Waterloo, Ontario Canada | N2L 3G1 | 519.888.4567 | www.cgl.uwaterloo.ca/~smann/