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This URL is about ice cream. I've made most of my ice cream in the CGL Ice Cream machine (a ``Motogelatiera Mod. MINIGEL L 4,'' made by ugoline & c, in Italy).


The recipes come from many sources, although now I usually make up my own recipes. Also, see below for links to other people's ice cream recipe pages.
* A list of CGL favorite recipes
* Ice Cream Recipes : A bigger list of recipes, but many were not so good.
* Ice cream discussion: An email discussion I had with Dave Smith on making ice cream, with comments on the differences in milk in the UK and NA.

My Ice Cream

See the previous section for my recipes.
* Milestones
* Ice Cream Shops I've Been To
* Lists of ice cream that I have made:
* List of flavors, with number of times of replication marked.
* Chronological list (Those marked with ** were not made in the CGL machine.)
* Ice cream scrap book.


* List/reviews of ice cream books
* Ice cream machines (for home use)
* Making ice cream with dry ice
* Ice Cream Hall of Shame

Other Ice Cream Pages

These pages represent all the links to other ice cream sites of which I am aware. All the pictures appearing in these pages were placed there with the permission of someone at the related site. If you want an ice cream related picture added to one of these pages, let me know. To help avoid having your message getting deleted by my spam filters, please include "ice cream" in the subject of your message. If you later decide that you want me to remove the image, I will promptly do so. I reserve the right to reject any images that I feel inapproriate for this page.
* Ice Cream Sites A list of non-business ice cream web sites, in which I included museums, etc.
* Recipes
* Businesses Most businesses, except ice cream trucks and businesses that primarily sell equipment.
* Ice Cream Trucks, Vans
* Equipment Businesses that primarily sell ice cream related equipment.


* Car allegeric to ice cream

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