Diana Collier and Nancy Goff

Frozen Delights

Crowell, 1976, ISBN 0-690-01097-4, 280 pages


This book begins with an introduction that repeats the standard ice cream myths (Marco Polo, Catherine de Medicis, etc.), followed by several sections on the ice cream freezer, the freezing process, equipment, ingredients. Most of the book is full of recipes, with chapters on Ice Cream; Parfaits, etc.; Sherbets; Ices; Popsicles; Toppings; American Parfait (alternating layers of ice cream and sauces/syrups); Ice Cream Pies and Cakes; Sundaes; and a few others.


Lot's of recipes in this book, but I haven't had a chance to look at them. Also, the recipes are designed to be made without an ice cream maker, although they should easily translate into ice cream maker recipes.