Beverly Cox and Malvina C. Kinard

The Bost of Ice Cream: A Cookbook

Collins, 1994, ISBN 0-00-255253-1, 96 pages


This book begins with a 2 page introduction/history to ice cream. It then has a chapter on ice cream and another chapter on ices, sorbets, and yogurt. This is followed by a chapter on ice cream desserts, and a chapter on toppings. There is then a section on ice cream drinks, and a couple of pages on making ice cream.


The layout of the book is a bit odd. What looks like chapters in the table of contents is not apparent in the book itself, i.e., there are no chapter headings: the recipes are run together with no distinguishing separation.

The recipes in this book look good, although I haven't tried any of them. Lots of nice color photos.