Lonnie Gandara

Ice Cream and Frozen Desserts

Chevron, 1988, California Culinary Acadamy Series, ISBN 0-89721-146-4


The book begins with some background (including the standard, false stories about Charles I), and then gives lots of recipes. There are five recipe chapter. The first gives some basic ice cream recipes, while the other four give a mix of ice cream recipes and recipes for ice cream concoctions (ice cream pizza, cakes, etc.).


I was surprised to find that Chevron publishes books. That it publishes ice cream books isn't such a surprise: it used to be common for petroleum products to be put in ice cream (and it may still be done with cheaper ice creams).

The book is a recipe book, with lots of ice cream recipes and many ice cream novelties (eg, ice cream spaghetti, ice cream pizza), and many pictures. Every now and then there is a recipe for a complete meal (with ice cream as the dessert, of course). Additionally, it has some "different" recipes, such as ones for Avacado Ice Cream, Garlic Ice Cream, and Tomatoe Ice Cream (the Avacado Ice Cream tastes like cold and slightly sweet guacamole; the Garlic Ice Cream was truely awful).

Unfortunately, I disliked all of the flavors I tried from this book. Many of the recipes had the appearance of never having been tried. While some of this may be due to differences in ice cream machines, for others it was a problem of the flavoring being far too strong (a typo perhaps?). Overall, a disappointment.