Joy Simmen Hamburger and Mimi Shanley Taft

Sorbets and Granitas

Ten Speed Press, 1997, 0-89815-902-4


This book is a recipe book, with the recipes provided by the chefs of the Duane Park Cafe in Manhattan. The book begins with an introduction that, alas, repeats the standard ice cream history myths. The rest of the book is recipes, divided into four sections: Sorbets, Ganitas, Sauces, and Cookies. The book ends with short sections on Garnishes, Equipment, and Ingredient Sources.


A short but reasonable book for those who are interested in sorbets and granitas. I plan to try some of the sorbet recipes, and I've never made (as of Feb 17, 1998) a Granita, but may try one of those some day.