Mable Hoffman and Gar Hoffman,

Mable Hoffman's Frozen Yogurt,

Fisher, 1990, ISBN 1-55561-035-8


This book begins with a chapter on how to make frozen yogurt. The bulk of the book is frozen yogurt recipes, with chapters on Vanilla, Chocolate, Berries, four fruit chapters, and Grapes and Melons. Then there is a chapter on cookies, candies, and nuts, which are used as mix-ins. There is then a chapter on popsicles, one on other molded desserts, and finally a chapter on sauces and toppings.


A book full of frozen yogurt recipes. I haven't tried any of them, but I'm a bit supicious: Damerow discribes how you REALLY should be making frozen yogurt (eg, use real yogurt, preferably homemade, and not the low-fat stuff you buy in stores) while this book uses lowfat yogurt.

One nice extra is that each recipe comes with a nutrient analysis.