Ice Cream Books

Last Updated: March 17, 2012

Below is a list of ice cream books that I've briefly reviewed (about 1 paragraph each). I have separated the books into three catagories: History books, Recipe books, and books about commercial ice cream. The books are sorted by alphabetical order within each group. Note that many of the books in the History section also contain recipes.

For the best recipes, I recommend Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream Book. It's readily available, and has many good recipes (with a few poor ones). Marshall's book is also a good source of recipes (with a wider selection of flavor's than Ben & Jerry's). Damerow's book goes into more technical detail on making ice cream, and Dickson's book gives a nice history of ice cream (although you should see Liddell's book for a debunking of the pre-19th century ice cream myths, and Pomeroy's is also fun to read). Finally, Willis's book is amusing to read because every few pages he launches into a tirade about the "junk they're putting into commercial ice cream".

I have marked those books that I feel are particularly good with '++'. Those that I have a low opinion of, I marked with '--'. Note that I have not read all of these books, and there are probably a few that should have stars that don't.

I am in the process of updating the summaries, trying to provide a bit more information about each book, and converting to html format.

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Ice Cream Business

The Marshal-Arbuckle book is the one to get for the science of ice cream; the latest Stogo book (Ice Cream and Frozen Desserts) is the one to get for starting an ice cream business. Up one level.