Elise W Manning (editor)

Farm Journal's Homemade Ice Cream and Cake

Galahad Books, 1972, ISBN 0-88365-997-2


This book is a recipe book for both ice cream and cake (cake is about 2/3 of the book, with only 1/3 for ice cream). The book starts with a brief history that begins with the overly bold and undoubtably false statement "The first man to sample a frozen dessert was Nero, the emperoro of Rome."

The book then gives a brief description of ingredients, machines, and instructions (although the instructions are for how to use a salt-ice freezer).

There are two primary chapters of ice cream recipes, one on vanilla, the other on other flavors. These two chapters are followed by a chapter on refrigerator-freezer ice creams, a chapter on ice cream pies, cakes, and other desserts, and then a chapter on sauces. The next three chapters discuss cakes, and the final chapter is about drinks.


I am unfamiliar with Farm Journal, but clearly the intended audience is women. Repeatedly, the book makes references to "farm women," and has comments like "We discovered that every woman has her own favorite recipe for Basic Vanilla Ice Cream." The recipes themselves look reasonable, although they are intended for the larger, hand-cranked salt-ice freezers. As such, the recipes are for 1 gallon of ice cream, and you'll have to scale them down for most home machines.