Malcolm Stogo and Lisa Tanner

Ice Cream Cakes



This book discusses ice cream cakes and pies. The book is primarily intended for commercial enterprises, although the recipes can easily be used at home.

The book begins with a review of equipment, supplies, and ingredients. The next chapter gives techniques for decorating cakes. The third and fourth chapters describe how to build and ice cream pie and ice cream cake respectively. The fifth chapter discusses frosting and other finishings. The sixth chapter (comprising half the book) gives lots of recipes. The final chapter discusses merchandising.


I have little experience making ice cream pies or cakes (I have made a single Banana Ice Cream Pie), so it's a bit difficult to judge the book. However, it looks like a good choice for anyone wanting to make and sell ice cream pies/cakes, and the cake/pie recipes should also work well at home (you could even use commercial ice cream).


If you are interested in this book, you will probably have to contact the author: