Malcolm Stogo

Ice Cream and Frozen Desserts: A Commercial Guide to Production and Marketing

Wiley, 1998, ISBN 0-471-15392-3


This book is an outgrowth of Malcolm Stogo's first book, Frozen Desserts: A Complete Retailers Guide. It has more on marketing than the earlier book, and a larger selection of recipes. This new book is a textbook, while the earlier one was a guide.

The introductory chapter gives a brief history of ice cream in the US, gives some history on some of the equipment and various ice cream products, the industry, and a brief history of market trends. The chapter ends with a glossary of terms.

The first section of the book (seven chapters) describes batch freezing, continuous freezing, sanitary conditions, and has two chapters on ingredients. The sixth chapter in this section discusses ice cream novelties, and the seventh chapter discusses marketing.

The second section of the book (five chapters) covers the retail business of frozen desserts, starting with opening a business and covering other aspects of the business.

The third part of the book gives a large number of recipes. The recipes are in four sections: Ice Cream, Italian Gelato, Sorbets and Water Ice, and Frozen Yogurt.


This book is aimed at any one seriously considering entering (or already in) the ice cream business. The chapter on opening a business should be read by anyone entering the market. The recipes are for commercial batches, although they can probably be scaled down for home machines if desired.

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