Amsterdam - Windmills

Last Updated: December 13, 1999
Sorry, there aren't very many windmills in Amsterdam. I found three in the city, and many more while cycling. The easiest one to get to is De Grooyer a bit east of the central city. You should be able to see it down the canal in front of the Maritime museum. It's now owned by a brewing company, and supposedly they run the windmill the first Saturday of every month. And I saw several on my bike rides outside the city. Here is a list; the ones above the line are in Amsterdam, the ones below are outside of Amsterdam.

Amsterdam Mills

Mills outside of Amsterdam

I also saw about half a dozen windmills in Alkmaar, which I plan to visit at some point.

Brugge Mills

There were four mills in Brugge. The mills here are lower tech than the ones in The Netherlands; rather than just turning the top, the whole mill gets turned to face it towards the wind. All four mills were moved here from elsewhere in Belgium.

Other Mills

Oops. I didn't keep track well enough - here shots of a few mills whose name/location I can't remember. All the ones pictured below are south of Amsterdam, though.