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Last Updated: October 22, 2002


Below are the assignments for the course. The assignments are due by 11 AM on the day they are to be discussed. The programming part of the assignments may be done on any machine/OS to which I have access to in CGL. On your assignment, you should tell me which machine I should run your assignment on, and how to run it.

If you like, you may use linedraw as a starting point for the programming portion of your assignments.

Extra Credit

On each assignment, there is an extra credit problem. The extra credit will not boost your mark for the assignment above 50; i.e., if you get more than a perfect mark on one assignment, the extra points will not be used to increase your mark on another assignment for which you did not get a perfect mark.


You will select your own project. Basically, the idea is for your to learn something about splines on your own. You have two choices: you can choose an implementation project or a writing project. Both will have a presentation component open to the rest of the class. For a written project, this involves giving a talk on the subject you research. For an implementation, this probably consists of a demonstration of your project, although for some implementations, a talk might be more appropriate.

The following are ideas for projects:

  • Implement several of the surface schemes from the book.
  • A-patches (Bajaj, ACM TOG, April 1995)
  • Subdivision Surfaces
  • C1 surfaces via the hyperbolic plane (Rockwood, SIGGRAPH 199?)
  • Functions over the sphere (Schumaker, CAGD, June 1996)
  • N-sided patches via base points (Warren)
  • S-patches (Loop)
  • Sabin Patches (Eurographics, 1987)
  • Zheng-Ball patches
  • Some of the n-sided patches in Chapter 8
You are not restricted to a project on this list. However, you should discuss your project with the instructor. For examples of previous projects, see the gallery for the regular session of this course. You will be expected to produce a similar web page for your project.

Your project is due by the last day of examinations (December 20). You will need to arrange a time with the instructor for giving your presentation.

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