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Last Updated: September 12, 2002


Fall 2002

NOTE: This is a special, closed offering of the splines course. No additional students will be accepted. There will be a regular offering of splines (CS 779) in Winter 2003. The Winter 2003 offering will be almost identical to the previous offerings of CS 679, which is described in the course web page.


Stephen Mann

Room, Time

DC 2106, Monday 3:30-5:30


A reading course on Splines. This course is roughly the equivalent of the regular offering of CS 779. However, it is a reading course rather than a lecture course, and the course text is different.
The course text is Pyramid Algorithms, by Ron Goldman.

Expected of students

  • Read the assigned chapters, roughly 1 every other week.
  • Do the homeworks, roughly 5 during the term.
  • Do a course project.
Your mark will be based 10% on participation, 50% on homework and 40% on your final project.

Expected Background

I will assume that students have taken CS 488/688 and you will use your solution to one of the CS 488/688 assignments as a starting point for one of the assignments in this course.
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