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Last Updated: November 23, 2003


Most of the ACM papers are available electronically through Trellis. Many of these papers are also available online directly, and have links provided below.

Once you have selected a paper and a week in which to present, you should either send a URL for the paper to smann@uwaterloo.ca, or give an unstapled copy of the paper to Stephen Mann. The URL or paper should be submitted at least 10 days before your talk.
Week Presenters Readings
Week 1, September 8: DC3113
Instructors How to give a talk
Simulating Fluid-Solid Interaction, GI 2003, pg 31-38. My slides
Week 2, September 15: DC3113
Guillaume Poirier Image-Based Skin Color and Texture Analysis/Synthesis by Extracting Hemoglobin and Melanin Information in the Skin, SIGGRAPH 2003.
Week 3, September 22: DC3113
Ian Harrower Graphcut Textures: Image and Video Synthesis Using Graph Cuts, SIGGRAPH 2003.
Robin Liu Shadow Matting and Compositing, SIGGRAPH 2003.
Week 4, September 29: DC3113
Gabriel Renaud Light scattering from human hair fibers, SIGGRAPH 2003
Edwin Vane Real-time Rendering of Aerodynamic Sound using Sound Textures based on = Computational Fluid Dynamics
Week 5, October 6: DC3113
Bryan Chan Instant Architechture, SIGGRAPH 2003
Mike Wasilewski Fragment-Based Image Completion, SIGGRAPH 2003
Week 6, October 13: Home! A Turkey Thanksgiving Day
Week 7, October 20: DC3113
Jason Skomorowski Wang Tiles for Image and Texture Generation, SIGGRAPH 2003
Week 8, October 27: DC3113
Zheng Qin View-dependent displacement mapping, SIGGRAPH 2003
Gabriel Moreno Fortuny Billboard clouds for extreme model simplification, SIGGRAPH 2003
Week 9, November 3: DC3113
Andrew Ellem High Dynamic Range Video
Week 10, November 10: DC3113
Sandrine Bard A Procedural Approach to Animate Interactive Natural Sceneries , CASA03
Elodie Fourquet An Invitation to Discuss Computer Depiction, NPAR 2002
Week 11, November 17: DC3113
Erin Lester Perceptially-Supported Image Editing of Text and Graphics, UIST 2003
Tiberiu Popa T-splines and T-NURCCs, SIGGRAPH 2003
Week 12, November 24: DC3113
Jie Xu Artistic Vision: Painterly Rendering Using Computer Vision Techniques, NPAR 2002
Jack Wang Realistic Modeling of Bird Flight Animations, SIGGRAPH 2003 on Nov. 24th.
Week 13, December 1: DC3113
Bryan Chan Linear Algebra Operators for GPU Implementation of Numerical Algorithms, Siggraph'03
Mike Wasilewski Smoke Control, SIGGRAPH 2003
Gabrield Moreno Fortuny Efficient Rendering of Spatial Bi-directional Refelectance Distribution Functions, SIGGRAPH 2002

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