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Last Updated: June 27, 2002


Below is a tentative schedule, with suggested papers for each topic. Other papers could be presented instead; those responsible for the topic should look through the text and the papers, and decide what material/papers are appropriate for presentation.

For an additional source of papers, see Michiel van de Panne's web page of computer animation resources

The Graphics Interface papers are available online; we have provided links to those web pages. The SIGGRAPH papers are available in both the CGL library and the Davis Centre library. Most of the ACM papers are available electronically through Trellis. Many of these papers are also available online directly, and have links provided below. Many of the links to the SIGGRAPH papers came from http://www.cs.brown.edu/~tor/sig2001.html.

Here are some additional links related to computer animation:

A solid disk next to a paper means that someone has selected that paper to present.
Week, topic, book readings Presenters Readings
Week 1, May 1: DC2102
Instructors None
Week 2, May 8: DC2303
Houdini Overview.
Josee Lajoie
Selina Siu
Week 3, May 15:
Basic motion (3.1-3.5/6).
Rick Leung
Stuart Pollock
Week 4, May 22:
Deformations, morphing (3.7-3.9)
Wegdan Abdelsalam
Karen Thompson
Week 5, May 29:
Kinematics (4.2-4.4)
Tiberiu Popa
Rafal Jaroszkiewicz
Week 6, June 5:
Particle systems, flocking, behavioural, artificial life (4.5)
Guillaume Poirier
Joanne McKinley
Week 7, June 12:
Natural Phenomena (Chapter 5)
Tim MacPherson, Chris Ingram
Week 8, June 19:
Articulated Figures (Chapter 6.1-6.2)
Erin Ren
Ming-Yee Iu
Week 9, June 26:
Facial Animation (6.3)
Zheng Qin
James She
Week 10, July 3:
Cloth (6.6)
Mauro Steigleder
Tarique Islam
Josh Taylor
Week 11, July 10:
Motion Capture (6.7)
Henri Tan
Josh Lessard
Week 12, July 17:
Alex Clarke
Celine Latulipe
Week 13, July 24:
Tony Abou-Assaleh
Shalini Aggarwal
Additional papers:
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