Ferrets in the sky



Midnight sky aglow.

Hearts filled with love shining down.

One ferret cometh.

~ Sandy Repper

One Ferret Sits ~ Sandy Repper

One ferret sits in the dark of night,
Gazing upon a magical sight.

All the radiant stars in the sky above,
Alight with the fuzzy gathered love.

"The time has come,she said to them all.
To the Earth, and someone special, to fall."

They fell through the sky,it was a mystical show.
To touch the heart of that certain human they know.

They swept through the verdant hills,and over the golden plains.
Reaching and touching the heart strings of those full of pains.

For a moment so dear,the pain was all gone.
Secret smiles were seen,and then they moved on.

But a bit of the love shining down stayed put.
Right where the heart strings were touched by a familiar foot.

One ferret sits in the soft dark of night.
Smiling and looking upon that luminous magical sight.

A Single Bright Star ~ Sandy Repper

"Mama", Kit, who was always speaking up with new questions, began. "What are those bright lights in the night sky? "

Jill sighed, and wondered if she'd ever get all of Kit's questions answered, before she went to her new home. " Well Kit, each one of those lights in the night sky is a fuzzy like us, that was loved very much. "

" Really!" Kit was surprised by this answer.

" Yes, little one. Each ferret is sent down to be loved, and to love in return, and make their human recall the joy and beauty in life. When you get your own human, remember to dance and to make them laugh at your antics, and teach them to find happiness in simple things. "

" All right, Mama", Kit replied thoughtfully, "but how did those fuzzies get up there? "

" Well Kit, once a ferret learns what love is, and it's their time to return, Mother Earth takes their body to make beautiful flowers, their soul is sent to romp and play at the rainbow bridge, and their heart, which is full of love, ascends to Father Sky to be a single bright star. There they shine their love down on their special human. Love makes the stars shine. Being ferrets, of course some will wink playfully. That's why some of those stars look like they're blinking. "

" What about those that never know love? ", Kit asked quietly.

" That's a sad story", Mama said while washing Kit's face. "Those that never have the chance to learn love are sent back to another human, who has lost a beloved ferret, or has need of our species special abilities to provide laughter and joy. There they can hopefully heal their heart and receive the love they need, to shine up above, while they wait for that certain human to learn more and come and join them. Human hearts take longer to fill with love than us fuzzies. "

" Wow", Kit was suitably impressed. "Is that poor ferret, our human Mom was crying over, up there? "

" The one that was starved and left in the cold and dark?, Mama asked and Kit nodded. "Yes he is, Kit. While he was here his heart and soul were filled up with love from his true human, as he cared for him. Once he knew love, he was released from his pain, and joined the others as a single bright star. "


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