Otter Lake - August 2002


A couple of friends wanted to relax in a cottage, so they rented one and then dragged me with them to Sunny Point cottages. Since they didn't think they could drag me away from my ferrets, the cottage we went to was one of the few pet friendly resorts. It was also a bit hard to resist going to a place that was right on Otter lake. Birch, Dief, Sprite, Sand and Bear went with me, and my roommate Ina took Sabre, Wasabi, Cloud, Mika, Chika and Moss. Ina's cats were left behind.

our cottage

(from top) Cloud, Wasabi, Mika, Moss and Chika can't wait to get out.

The cottage is near Parry Sound, so we went on a boat tour of the 30,000 islands. At the end of the tour, I found that I could have taken the ferrets with me (but only in their pram), so I grumbled about that for the rest of the day.

Cormorants sighting on the 30000 islands tour...

...but what we saw mostly look like this.

Each cottage has its own dock...

View of dock from cottage. Pet friendly, but not exactly wheel chair friendly...

... and that is where we spent most of our time...

Sand found our stash!

We (the ferrets and I) did a lot of kayaking...

Sprite at the head of my kayak. Having a ferret at the head of the kayak is lots of fun.

Of course, if having one ferret is fun, five ferrets is even better! From left to right, Dief, Sprite, Bear, Birch and Sand.

Sabre overlooking the lily pads near our dock.

Even Birch, at 8 years old, enjoyed the occasional boat trip.

...although I was the one who did all the work..

Bear being towed in his boat.

The water was warm (for Canada!), so I went swimming a few times, a few minutes at a time. I don't usually make my ferrets do stuff I don't do, so I felt justified in making them swim a little. Most of the time I didn't need to make them swim, they fell in (320x240, 1.1MB) themselves. Do they enjoy it? Probably not so much, they always head straight for shore!

A swimming Sprite.

Besides swimming and kayaking, we also tried hiking. Unfortunately, that wasn't such a great idea, as attacks of mosquitoes cut short our walk.

Moss on a walk with us.

We were there for a week, but on Thursday, we had to drive all the way back home so Sabre can get his chemotherapy at the university of Guelph. It was a drop off-pick up appointment, so we had to get up at 5:00 in the morning. To make it a true holiday, we took Sand, Bear and Wasabi with us and visited Rockwood park.

From left, Sand, Wasabi and Bear overlooking the lake at Rockwood

My brother Hubert got me this pram. It was very handy during this trip. We took the ferrets for a stroll in downtown Guelph just before picking up Sabre.

On the drive back to the cottage, we stopped at Wasaga beach, but the ferrets were pretty tired and didn't do very much.

Sand in the foreground (literally!), and Bear in the background.

The day before we left, we canoed to the middle of Otter lake. Canoeing with ferrets is a lot of fun too!

Dief sat next to me the whole time while I paddle on the way to the middle of the lake.

On the way back, he caught up with sleep at the back of the canoe.

We were very sad when we had to go home.


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