Silver Roll


Name: UnSeeGoon (Silver Roll)
Sex: male
Birthday: 31 January, 1990
Weight: 50 lbs

Without a doubt, UnSeeGoon is the most beautiful dog I know, but when it comes to brains, he got the short end of the stick. He's very scared of Birch and my other ferrets, who chases him around. He's also scared of thunderstorms, door alarms, and the rattling of his cookie tin. He'll do anything for food, even food he does't like. He also knows how to beg, sit, shake paws, and lie down, tricks he abuses when you have food. He's very friendly with other animals, in a clumsy sort of way, so most other animals don't like him.

Sharing a bowl with kitten Xena

Psycho dog and cat

A walk in the sun.

Boots to keep the salt out, and provide entertainment for neighbourhood dogs

Warm and fuzzy dreams.


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