Storm's Memorial


Jumping the barrier to get at the cat.

Name: Storm
Sex: female
Birthday: 24 December, 1998
Colour: silver
Eye Colour: black
Hit Rate: 100%
Crossing: 4 March, 2002
memorial page
Storm was special. I guess they are all special, but in different ways. when I first met Storm, she was extremely skittish, the slightest noise would scare her. she got less so later, but was not comfortable around many people. she felt secure around me, so whenever one of the other ferrets beat her up, she was content to take it out on me. she woke me up early in the mornings to play with her by dancing on me and nipping at my feet. Storm was also my only ferret I couldn't break out of a fabric chewing habit. many times I'd be sitting on my bed, doing whatever, and looked down to see her decorating the edges of my shirt with tiny teeth marks. Storm was also an adrenal ferret, and had to go for monthly shots of Lupron. she hated injections, but she never got mad at me for taking her there. Storm was always generous with her kisses, however, I could only handle it for about 10 minutes before my face felt really sore.. Storm was my jumping ferret. almost all the jumping silhoeuettes from my paintings were based on sketches and video tapes of her. when we were playing, she would jump so high that she'll fell back down backwards.

we miss her terribly.

Speed bump!

Playing with a nylon ball

Fun in the rice box.

These are older pictures of Storm. after a couple of years, she lost most of her darker hair and pretty much looked like a white ferret. I will have to scan in some more recent photos of her and put them up.


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