Ferret toys


A seesaw I made for the ferrets. Click here to view a movie (1.95MB) of the seesaw being used by Dief. I have more exciting footage of the seesaw being used, but haven't found what tape it is on yet! My kids used it more as a kind of detour, they go on it instead of beside it as a way to get from A to B. Ina's kids play with it more, as in they will chase each other around it a little bit. the seesaw is unbalanced, so one end always sits on the floor. the ferrets will stand up and pull the tall end down with their paws and get on it that way, if they are at the wrong end of things. it is a fun toy.

Close up of the see saw, to show how it was made. The cardboard tubes are four feet long. Originally, I only intend to have one tube, but it turns out I have to put it pretty low for the ferrets to be able to walk up them. I had made the bars holding the tubes with multiple holes so it was adjustable, and putting a second tube on top seems natural. The ferrets will go through both tubes, and sometimes there is a ferret above and one below, kind of fun.

Their cat tree is shown here with real live cats on it.

The cat tree is also a great place to feed them hairball remedy. Counter-clockwise from the top: Cloud, Storm, Bear, Sprite, Sand, Wasabi, Birch, Sabre, Dief

The super tube slide. It was replaced a couple of times before I finally took it down. The climbing up part (which looks steeper than the actual slide) was pretty worn through and was removed, since after months of practice, walking up the actual slide has become a piece of cake for the ferrets. Bear used to sleep at the top, I think it is so that he could get an adrenal rush when he woke up and shoot down. Shown here with Cloud going down and Sand waiting his turn. It was a fun toy while it lasted, but the plastic dryer hose are a bit flimsy, and the novelty wore off after a few months. I will make them a better one when I find more suitable material.

From top right and around the basin: Storm, Dief, Cloud, Bear, Sabre and Sprite. Sand is just about to join the fun. A basin of water creates no end of fun for them, and no end of mopping for me.

This is an old ricebox of theirs, made out of is a translucent tupper ware box. I gave it to Ina after I built them a bigger one with 2 plexi glass sides for entertainment purposes. I'm planning to replace the rice with soil, though. Sprite having a ball here.

More digging fun with Sprite

A fountain I got for them. I no longer leave it out since Bear found creative ways to spill the water and leave it running dry. My room at my current abode is carpeted, but connected to a bathroom, so future water adventures will probably be in the bath tub. Counter-clockwise from the left: Dief, Sand, Storm, and messy weasel Bear.

My dad made this for Birch years ago. For some reason, only the girls will use it, perhaps something with the balance and weight? Storm is running diligently here. She ran on the wheel almost every night. I think she wass training hard so Sprite wouldn't be able to beat her up.

No ferret toy collection is complete without a ton of clear dryer hose. Once, against my better judgement, I got 12 of these 20' long things. Some of them are still sitting around unused. Sprite (albino) and Dief having fun.

Their old cardboard slide that have fallen into pieces since. After a while, their dryer hose slide just didn't seem fast enough for them, so I made a portable one out of cardboard. It had a ladder on the bottom so they can climb it easily. For a little while, I had it running from the cage to my pillow, not the best way to wake up in the morning. Now they have a 8 foot cardboard tube that goes really fast. Shown here with Wasabi, Cloud following her.

I think I have a pretty decent collection of toys for my kids. Toys not shown here includes their collection of drainage pipe, their ball box, their cardboard tube slide, and their new rice/soil box. I'm sure my kids will welcome additional toy suggestions, though.

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