Family photos


I got incredibly tired of buying xmas cards (so hard to find nice ones) and decided to use a group photo of my ferrets as xmas/new years card when I saw a photo card sent to my parents. This is also a good way to take yearly group shots and see how the kids have grown. My only regret is that I didn't start it earlier.

Getting a decent photo of a ferret, let alone a bunch of them at the same time, isn't easy. You can either wait till they are completely tired out (very hard for several to be really tired out at the same time), or you use hairball remedy or nutrical to keep them in position. For every decent shot, there are lots more unsuccessful ones.

2002 - clockwise from top left - Birch, Sprite Dief, Bear, Sand - photograph by Ina, taken at OtterLake

2001 - counter clockwise from bottom right - Birch, Storm Bear, Sand, Dief, Sprite - photograph by Ina

2000 - left to right: Storm, Sand, Dief, Sprite, Bear, Birch - photograph by Ina

1999 - left to right: Sprite, Bear, Birch, Storm, Dief, Sand - photograph by Hubert


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