CS 488 Stuff


I took graphics during my 3B term (Winter 1998) in undergrad. I have 3 images displayed in the gallery from my work that term.

Owls is my handin image for my raytracer. It demonstrates an overuse of reflection!

Life sucks! was an extra I did for the raytracer. I was taking ENGL 109, CS 354, CS 360, and CS 445 as well as graphics, and feeling a little overwhelmed. Where I found the time to do an extra image remains a mystery to me.

For my final project, for one reason or other, I made a 3D version of the game Yahtzee, simulating rolling dice with physics of some sort. I hate physics. The project was alright, but not really pratical 'cause it can take the dice a while to stop rolling. I also made a yahtzee game for my CS 130 project which my roommate still plays on her computer. Hmmm.

Here are some screen shots of my project.

The robot arm picking up the dice.

The dice actually bouncing in the air.

The dice pretending to be cubes (they are really spheres).

Somehow, someway, I end up doing grad school in graphics and had TA-ed this course for 4 times. Check out what I did as a TA for the course.


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