I did my undergrad here at Waterloo, and have just finished my master's in the Computer Graphics Lab. Check out some of the courses I have taken for undergrad and grad. I did a number of presentations as well.

My supervisor was Professor Stephen Mann. He makes good ice cream! My backup supervisor was Professor Bill Cowan. He makes funny faces.

I was supposed to do research of some sort. However, I didn't want to graduate, so I procrastinated a lot.


One method of procrastination came about after I participated in a work shop on Houdini. Along with Josée and Pascale, I was recruited to help design and give tutorials in a third year electronic imaging course, FINE 328D, in Fall 2000. It was a lot of fun, and a lot of work, I barely touched my thesis that term. I also helped out with FINE 328H the following term.


images/fly.jpg I was also a CS 488 teaching assistant for 6 terms starting from Winter 2000. After my first term, we decided to try and inspire the students to create better raytraced pictures. Teresa and I made a class puppet picture for our Spring 2000 TA. Steve and I made an even better one for Fall 2000. And I managed to convince Rick to help me with the Winter 2001 class puppets. In my last term of TA-ing the course, I was unable to find anyone willing to help me out with the pictures, so I made the Fall 2001 class puppet picture by myself. The upside to doing a few extra things for the course is that the instructor lets me off marking midterms and finals. Take a look at the things I did when I took the course way back.

I had also TA-ed CS 130 in Fall 1999 and CS 498R Developing User Interfaces in Winter 2002.


I seem to spend a lot of time designing t-shirts...

Other legitimate sources of procrastination

../artwork/images/exuberance_sm.gif As well as teaching in Fine Arts, painting also kills time efficiently. I was lucky to be able to take courses at the Fine Arts Department here. My last project was an independent study that combined my interests in both painting and computer graphics. It was also why I have a backup thesis and a backup supervisor. Take a look at my art work as well as my source of inspiration.

It got to be that I was procrastinating so much that my supervisor and I decided if anybody wanted me to do work for them, they have to negotiate with him first. Which was how I end up illustrating diagrams for Zeno's Corner, the Math Faculty puzzle page.


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