cs349 - Developing User Interfaces - Spring 2005

Assignment 2 - Modelling components.

To be done independently; not to be handed in.


Assignment 2 provides you with a simple component which incorporates a little game of the adventure type. The user is to try to find the route to the exit. (Hint. To make the assignment a little more challenging there is one affordance with no prompt.) You are to do three things.

  1. Experiment with the component and find out all its properties.
  2. Draw a state diagram that provides a model of the behaviour of the component.
  3. Write a set of productions that describe the behaviour of the component.


You will find the component in the course account in the directory /u/cs349/assignments/a2. Its name is Test1.class; you should be able to copy it into your account and execute it there.

Hand In

Nothing to be handed in.


This assignment is not marked


  1. Use a computer editor to make the production system, and a drawing program to make the state diagram.
  2. Every button is the same. Try to find a solution for this redundancy that doesn't overwhelm the user with complexity.
  3. One of the challenges is a formatting challenge. Your goal is to find a way of modelling the component which makes sets of productions and diagrams that are not too hard for the user to understand.
  4. There is a keyboard affordance with no prompt.
  5. One TA is available to help you in finding a good solution, and in telling you how well you are succeeding in understanding the assignment.2

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