CS349 - Implementing User Interfaces - Spring 2010

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For most assignments we want you to hand in

The code should be neatly formatted, with comments only where necessary, and should be accompanied by a readme file that tells the marker how to compile the code and run the executable. The code should both compile and run in the CS undergraduate environment. This means that if you create it in a different environment -- there are many environments for doing it -- you should leave enough time to be absolutely certain that you leave yourself enough time to do any necessary modifications necessary to make it run at school.

The requirement that all submissions should run in a single environment is not frivolous. We do our best to be fair, and the most important part of fairness is that every student in the class should make their assignment from the same resources. We are narrow-minded about this restriction: `It ran fine on my iBook,' or `I had no idea that Visual C++ was so different,' are excuses that we will not accept.

Written material should be formatted using a word processing program: LaTeX is preferred. It should be printed using a printer that is not running low on toner.

Assignment Schedule

Assignment 1: an Xlib game.

Assignment 2

Assignment 3

Assignment 4


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