CS349 - Implementing User Interfaces - Spring 2010

Resources for Assignment 3

Java Resources

I have, over the years, found no source of basic or advanced information about Java that is better than the material provided by Sun (now Oracle).


Here is a page leading to a whole lot of tutorials. One nice thing about this page is that there is lots of sample code. However, this page targets the current version of Java Swing, 1.6, while the undergrad environment provides you with the previous version, 1.5. Fortunately the differences are minor, and they should not affect anything you are doing for assignment 3. The starting point of the assignment, my program, was careful to use only features available in 1.5.

Swing API

The pages produced by Sun that document the Java classes you can use are, in my opinion, a model of their kind. The starting point of the Swing 1.5 API is here.

Starting code

You can find the starting code in the course account in the student.cs environment, in the following directory: /u/cs349/S10/a3.

Execution starts in the file Test1.class using the command java Test1.

The .class files may or may not run without recompilation on other machines. I suggest recompiling: the appropriate command for the undergraduate environment is javac Test1.java. The other .java files should be in the same directory, so that the compiler can find them when it is processing import directives.

If you find that there are aspects of the source code that you do not understand please let me know, and I will put explanations on the newsgroup.

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