cs349 - s10 - Lecture 1

CS349 - Implementing User Interfaces - Spring 2010

Lecture 1 - Orientation


User interfaces

Two way flow of information

This also describes all kinds of thingss that surround us in our everyday lives, such as

Every instance of an interface has a set of common features. (An `instance of an interface' is a single use of the interface.)

Thus, the interface itself is developed in the context of

The developed interface provides

Most interfaces are also rooted in an application domain, which defines

The design of an interface takes all these things into account; so does its implementation. `Developing' includes both design and implementation.

Two questions a user interface course might ask and answer..

  1. What should an interface be like? Other common interfaces, where similar users do similar tasks.
  2. How do you make it that way? The same way other programmers do.

In 2010 this means

  1. We study interfaces that
  2. We look at a set of implementation methods that meet different sorts of functional problems

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