cs349 - s10 - Lecture 13

CS349 - Implementing User Interfaces - Spring 2010

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Lecture 13 - State Machines


The file chooser in Amaya is a container containing eight components

Can we make a state diagram with a reasonable number of states?

High level view

  1. Clicking Browse button in Open dialogue does two things
  2. Clicking Confirm button in File Chooser dialogue does three things
  3. Clicking Cancel button in File Chooser dialogue does two things

Possible two state solution

Aside on Focus

Talking about the BWS and window managers we were very casual about focus.

End of Aside

Similar view of the File Chooser

Simplify to


Possible five state solution

Similar view of the Folder Menu

N menu entries

Each menu entry is a button, and you know how they work.

And the File Menu

As above.

What is the difference between the file menu and the folder menu?

Similar View of the Text Editor

Left as an exercise for the reader.

Assignment 2

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