CS452 - Real-Time Programming - Fall 2008

Lecture 14 - Serial Hardware

Questions & Comments


Components and data-sheets

  1. ASUS P4P800-VM
  2. 82801EB southbridge
  3. W83627THF

Memory map of I/O bus

Part I/O Memory IRQ
Intel 82865G efe0-efe7 f0000000-f7ffffff, fe780000-fe7fffff 16 at device 2.0 SVGA controller
16550A 3f8-3ff 4 on acpi0 COM port
16550A 2f8-2ff 3 on acpi0 COM port
24-bit timer 808-80b real-time clock
Intel 8259 programmable ICU

Serial I/O Hardware

See pdf.

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