CS452 - Real-Time Programming - Fall 2011

Lecture 1 - Introduction

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  4. How to compile and run your first program

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Embedded Systems

Artifacts that use computation to manipulate the real-world, including user interfaces, have a structure that can be described in one of two different ways.

  1. Computation measures the response of sensors to determine the correct state for its internal model of the world, and that model is used to calculate appropriate activator responses.
  2. Actvators are manipulated according to the state of the artifacts internal model of the world,after which computation reads sensors to calculate the effect of their action on the world.

Most of the mediation between the internal representations and the real-world is done by embedded systems

Development Model

Two box model

Development cycle

Problem one

Problem two

What is real-time programming?

Actually real-world programming, which means

What is important for real-time?

  1. Throughput
  2. Response time

In cs452 we take guaranteed response time as the defining quality of real-time computation.

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