CS452 - Real-Time Programming - Winter 2016


There are two things you need to do with your code:

  1. share it with the TAs so that they can compile and run it while marking, and
  2. after assignment zero, share it with your partner so that the two of you can work together.
We gain both these objectives at once using git. The university maintains a git hub, git.uwaterloo.ca, which has easily manipulated privacy settings. You create a project and make it accessible by you, your partner and the course account, cs452.
You may, if you choose, give us an SHA1 hash of the repository instead of MD5 hashes of the individual files.

Assignment 0 (Polling Loop)

Kernel Description

Kernel (Part 1)

Kernel (Part 2)

Kernel (Part 3)

Kernel (Part 4)

Train Control (Part 1)

Train Control (Part 2)



Final Examination

Examinations of Previous Terms

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