CS452 - Real-Time Programming

Possibly Useful Notes about Programming and Projects


  1. Compiling and Running your First Program
  2. Busy-wait IO functions
  3. RedBoot
  4. Context switch
  5. Interrupt gotcha
  6. UART comments
  7. Train controller gotcha
  8. Comments on halting the processor.
  9. Mathematics of calibrating train position and velocity.

Neat (or otherwise) hacks

  1. Bit-torturing

The train set

  1. Overview
  2. Commands
  3. Track distance data. Data courtesy of Jordan Leone. Data highlighted in yellow are corrected from the data on the web site. The track data on the course web site, which has some other useful stuff included is located here. Along with the data is a program that parses the data file into a useful data structure.

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